To successfully connect with a channel, you need to enter the correct details mentioned on the settings page.

If any of the details entered by you are incorrect, Orderhive will show this message - "Credentials are invalid".

In such a case, we recommend you to verify all the details again. 

The common mistakes made by users while connecting the channel are stated below.

  • No mention of Http:// or Https:// before the store url
  • Space in channel name e.g Demo store. Orderhive doesn't allow space in your channel name. The accepted format is Demostore.
  • ¬†Incorrect input of username, password, or other details fetched from channels to connect.

If you receive "credentials are invalid" error while adding a new channel, you can check the above points and verify your details.

Still if you face any issue, please feel free to email us at We can help you with adding your channel. 

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