A picklist is a document which shows the items that need to be picked from the warehouse to fulfill sales orders. 

With Orderhive, you can seamlessly print picklist with just a few clicks.

Note : It is important to have "popup blocker" for " app.orderhive.com " allowed. Picklist will not be downloaded if popup blocker is disable for Orderhive software.

Here's how:

  • Go to sales order listing page. Select the orders via the checkboxes and click on the Print button.
  • Select Picklist. Orderhive offers two types of Picklist; by item and by order.

Picklist by Order: This document will display the order details such as Order ID, Bill to and Ship address along with the product and warehouse details. 

Picklist by Item: This document will display only the product and warehouse details for the selected orders.

Note: You can only print picklist for orders that are confirmed. 

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