Fulfillment latency (also known as handling time) is the number of business days between when you receive an order on Amazon and when you ship it. The default value on Amazon is one to two business days. 

 If it is set to a specific product, it will be updated with the regular inventory update feed. For example, when set to 5 days, it will appear on Amazon with a message like: "Processing takes an additional 4 to 5 days for orders from this seller." 

It is not possible to achieve or bring up the latency period from channels other than Amazon due to their API limitations. 

You can change the time period by editing the product details and the same would reflect on the channel as well.

  1. Go to Inventory page.
  2. Select the product you want to edit the latency time for and go to the product detail page.
  3. Click on Edit.

4. You will find an option where you can change the latency time and manually be able to enter the value.

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