Orderhive provides the facility to create and manage returns for orders in Orderhive itself. A return shipping label can be also generated from Orderhive to send out to customers.

To create returns in Orderhive, please follow the below steps -

  • Go to the Returns tab
  • Click on New Return
  • Search the Order for which you want to create a return. You can use the order id or the customer name to search for the order. Select the order to proceed further.
  • Returns can be created only for Shipped and Completed orders.
  • As you click on the order, the order detail page will open and you would be able to change Ship To warehouse, quantities to be returned, automatically refund and send replacement option. Below is a detailed explanation of these fields -

Ship To Warehouse:

In the Ship To drop-down, a list of warehouses will be available. You can select the warehouse where you wish to restock the returned products..

Quantities to be Returned: 

In order to change the quantity of the product being returned, you can directly edit the value or you can also use + and - sign to increase or decrease the quantity. You cannot enter a quantity greater than the ordered quantity.


Orderhive gives you an option to record the return reason as well. You can select relevant return reason from the drop-down. The drop-down list shows a set of predefined reasons. To create your own reasons, please refer to the Orderhive Returns article.

Automatically Refund:

You can select when do you wish to process the refund, based on which you can select the relevant action from the dropdown list.

Note: Currently the Automatically Refund function is not connected with the channels so refund needs to be managed on channels only.

Send Replacement Option:

If there are any replacements that need to be processed for that order, you can choose when to send the replacement and select the appropriate reason from the dropdown list accordingly.

  • Once you make the necessary selections, click on Next.
  • In the final step, you will get 3 options to process the return - you can generate a return label, add a tracking number to an existing shipment or you can directly deliver the return.

Creating a New Return Label -

Orderhive allows you to generate a new return label for processing returns and send it to your customers. You just need to select the carrier name, package type, weight and other information to generate labels. In the field of Email Label to Customer, you can mention your customer’s email address to whom you want to send a return label. 

Existing Returns -

If you have generated a return label outside of Orderhive then you can add tracking details in the existing returns to track the shipment. Simply select the carrier, the date, the shipping cost and enter the tracking number. 

Deliver Returns - 

Deliver Returns will immediately mark the return for that order as complete. This will help in recording offline returns or the returns which are already processed.

  • Click on Done after selecting a best suitable option.
  • It is also possible to add a due date to the return. Also, the return can be tagged with important information.
  • Once you click on Done, return entry will be created under To Confirm status. 

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