Once you create a return in Orderhive, you will see that return order on the Returns dashboard. 

  • Go to Returns
  • To process a return, double-click on the order to open the detail page.

Confirm Return:

  • Firstly, it is required to confirm the return as soon as you receive the returned items at your warehouse. 
  • Once a return is confirmed, it will be visible under the Awaiting Receipt section on the Returns page with an Awaiting Handover status.
  • Click on Process to further process the return order.
  • After confirming the return you can categorize restock quantities, refurbished quantities, and unsaleable quantities if any. Change in saleable quantity will automatically increase or decrease refurbished quantity. Change in refurbished quantity will automatically increase or decrease unsaleable quantity. 
  • If you are maintaining different SKU for the returned products or refurbish products then you can add the SKUs accordingly in the SKU field. 
  • Once you click on Done, the quantities will be added back to the stock and the return will move to completed status.
  • You can also download or print the labels of completed returned orders.
  • For any reason, if you want to cancel the return then just click on Cancel Return
  • As you click on Cancel Return a pop-up will open for confirming the action. If you want to proceed further then click on Yes, else you can Cancel it.
  • If you click on Yes, you will see a notification of Return has been Updated. The canceled return will show up under Completed status with Canceled - Return label.


If you want to send a product replacement for the returned product you have received from your client, then you need to click on Replacement. You can create replacement at any point of time after adding return in Orderhive.

  • Replacement button will take you to adding a new order page from there you can create a replacement. Information will be pre-filled and you can also modify the pre-filled information.
  • Once you click on confirm, a new order will be created and you can process the replacement order as any other normal order.
  • You can also save the order as a draft to process it later.

Note: Replacement orders will be created in Orderhive only and will not be created on the channel.

Print and Download the label:

You can print or download the return shipping label. Click on a print label to print the label. Click on More and then click on Download to download the label in PDF format.

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