Reports play a vital role in any software as it gives an overview of how well the businesses are doing. Orderhive offers a wide range of reports based on different modules like Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Shipments, Customers, Invoices etc. Every module has its own set of reports for helping users retrieve information based on their unique business workflows & use cases. There are certain operations that user can perform on the Reports in Orderhive which can be referred below:


You can select the filters based on the requirements and click on the Run Report option to fetch the data based on filters. Once Run Report is clicked, you can simply click on the Export button at the bottom.


  • Customizing a standard report in Orderhive is quite a simple task. Orderhive allows to easily customize the standard reports by simply adding or removing the columns from a set of data columns available for each report. If you need to have a standard report with additional fields, simply follow certain steps to save the customized report as a new report, since the changes made by selecting/deselecting fields in standard redefined reports will not be saved.
  • In order to add/remove columns in a standard report, click on the Settings icon in the report and select/deselect the columns you wish to have in the customized report.
  • Once the desired columns are selected/unselected, click on Customize button at the bottom, rename the standard report and save it as a new report.

Note: Once the customized report is saved, only then the selected columns will appear when a report is exported.


  • If you want to receive any report on a regular basis with all the updated data, simply schedule a report.
  • Click on Schedule button at the bottom and choose to receive the report on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. You need to add an Email for receiving the scheduled report, Subject and Description of the report.
  • Choose the time for receiving the Report if you select Daily, select the Day of the week if you select Weekly and Date of the month if you select Monthly.


If you don't need the customized report anymore, it can be deleted from the Reports as well.

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