This article explains about the order and customer details Orderhive imports from Etsy and what information is updated back to Etsy.

Once integrated, Orderhive automatically syncs sales orders (termed as Receipts in Etsy) and customers (fetched from orders).

Orderhive imports the below order fields from Etsy:


Order Grand total

Buyer message (synced as comments in Orderhive)

Payment method

Receipt ID and order ID 


Payment status (paid, unpaid)

Item details (title, name, price, quantity)

Extra items (Shipping method, shipping cost, discount, tax)

Orderhive imports the below customer details (fetched from orders) from Etsy


First name and last name

Buyer user id (not shown in Orderhive front-end. But, we store it in case you need it for reference)

Order status mapping

This image shows the statuses synced from Etsy is considered as what status in Orderhive.

This image shows the statuses marked in Orderhive is updated as what status in Etsy:

Updating Shipment details

Whenever you create a shipment for an Etsy order, Orderhive will update the below details in Etsy.

Carrier name

Tracking code (tracking number)

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