SKU is an important part of how Orderhive manages centralized and automated inventory across your channels. And it is identified as a binding factor to link two or more products for managing centralized inventory. Also, it is a non-editable field in Orderhive. Therefore, it is not advisable to change the SKUs if you have already integrated your channel in Orderhive. 

Take a look at some of the best practices of creating SKU. 

Now, there are two ways you could have changed the SKU in your channel

  • Changed only for few products
  • Mass updated SKU

Changed only for few products

In case where you’ve changed the SKU for a few products, you can delete those products in Orderhive and click on Instant Product Sync button available on the Manage Integrations page. 

Orderhive will automatically sync those products with new SKU from your channel.

The product may not sync to Orderhive if SKU already exists in Orderhive. So it is advisable to maintain unique SKU for new product or which is been changed.

Impact of syncing products with updated SKU

  • The order status will remain unaffected if you’ve changed the SKU of products that are already shipped or are present in any order.
  • In case you deleted the products which were merged earlier, due to deletion and change of SKU in your channel, they will no longer remain as merged in Orderhive. So in order to continue keeping the inventory centralized, you have to initiate merge of products for which you changed the SKUs in your channel and synced again in Orderhive.

Mass update of SKU

In case where you’ve changed SKU of many products in your channel, the recommended step would be to deactivate your channel and reimport the data. 

You can deactivate your channel from the Manage integrations page, do all the SKU changes in your channel and then integrate again.

Please read this article to see how you can clear past channel data and reimport.

Important Note: As the above tasks are little complicated and might affect the current stock, it is advisable to always keep SKU proper and unique before integrating it with Orderhive.

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