During initial integration, Orderhive will automatically import all the existing products from your channel. However, once the channel is added in Orderhive, new products added will either automatically sync in Orderhive or have to be requested using Instant Product Sync option depending on the channels.

New products are automatically synced for the below channels:

Shopify (use Instant Product Sync to import variants added to existing products)


New products will sync when Instant Product Sync option is used:








Using Instant Product Sync 

Go to Manage Integrations page or the Sync button on the top menu to sync new products. 

Important Notes: 

  • You can sync new products only 4 times in a day.
  • While syncing new orders from eBay, Etsy, if a product is found that doesn't exist in Orderhive yet, then that product will get imported instantly along with the new order. 
  • New products added in CS-Cart can sync automatically and instantly if you install our CS-Cart Add-on. 

In case, you don’t receive product even after using “Instant Product Sync" button contact our support team by sending us an email on support@orderhive.com.

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