Orderhive will sync products from your channel during initial sync and after the integration. However, it may happen that some products don’t successfully get synced in Orderhive. You might want to check the below scenarios:

  • Duplicate SKUs of the same channel/store will not sync in Orderhive. 
  • If the listings/products are inactive on your channel, then they won’t sync in Orderhive. Only active listings will get imported. 
  •  Variants that are listed with the same SKU as the parent SKU will not sync. This case specially applies to WooCommerce and CS-Cart, as if the seller has not created SKU of the variant, then it automatically considers the parent SKU.
  • If a channel product already exists in Orderhive, and you later decide to delete the product from your channel and again create it with the old same SKU, then it will not sync automatically in Orderhive. You’d have to first delete the product in Orderhive also and then sync. 
  • Orderhive only syncs products from Magento which have product type as simple, virtual and configurable.
  • If the admin/user of the channel back-end has revoked API access for Orderhive, then data will stop syncing. 
  • Orderhive will not sync private listings from WooCommerce. 

If after the initial sync, you’re adding new products in your channel, Orderhive will sync products when you use Instant product sync feature. However, for some channels products will automatically sync without using Instant Product Sync. Please read this article to find out new product sync for different channels.  

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