For almost all SELLING channels, stock, price, and order information (status and tracking details) get updated from Orderhive to channels instantly (except Amazon). However, if they are not getting updated, you might want to check the below scenarios:

  • If you’ve changed the SKU of the product in your channel. This will disable Orderhive to identify your products and make changes to your channel. We recommend you to not change SKU of products that are already synced. If in case, you have to, make sure you delete the old product and sync again. Please refer to this article for more details.

Sometimes, it happens that customer change the SKU of one product and assign the last SKU to another product. The stock update for both products will not work. In such cases, please delete both product and resync again. Please refer to this article for more details.

  • If the admin/user has revoked API access of Orderhive from your channel. This will discontinue the connection and disable Orderhive’s rights to make automatic changes on your behalf.
  • If you have turned off the stock update for store from Manage integrations page. It will stop stock updates from getting on your store. You can turn that on to start stock update. The stock update done in between will not be recovered and will have to be done manually on the store.
  • If we have informed maintenance or downtime. Please be rest assured, we maintain a queue of stock, price and order status updates, so it will be process as soon as downtime is over.
  • In eBay, the SKU of variant is not mandatory, but if you haven’t mentioned that SKU, we won’t we able to push stock updates on eBay. It is mandatory for Orderhive to have SKU to update the stock. In such cases, please enter SKU of eBay variant before integrating with Orderhive. If you have already integrated, please deactivate and integrate again. Please refer to this article for more details.
  • In Amazon, it takes some more time ( i.e. approx 15 mins) to update stock, price and order status. Amazon even takes some time to clear the cache and reflect that changed values.
  • In BigCommerce, if you are using pricing rules for variant then Orderhive will not be able to update the price of particular variant.
  • The stock, price and order status update will not happen if 3rd party platform server is down , very slow or have internal server error (5xx). Usually this problem happens with hosted e-commerce platforms like Magento, CS Cart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop etc.
  • If order is edited to remove or add any line item and change ordered quantity, then it may fail to update order status on integrated channel.

If the above scenarios are not valid and even after troubleshooting from your end doesn’t help, please email us at, we will investigate further and solve any issues that may occur. 


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