Once you approve an order you can create payment for the same.

Now, there are two ways you can create payments. 

Without creating an invoice

You can directly go to Payment tab on the order detail page to create payment record of payment you have received. The steps are already been covered in second way of receiving the payments.

By creating an invoice

You can receive payment against the invoice created. Below are the steps to generate invoice and create payment against it. 

  1. Create Invoice: If you want to just create the invoice for the time being and receive the payment later, click on Create Invoice.

After creating the invoice, you’ll see Actions dropdown menu on the right hand side of the screen. Click on Create Payment once you're ready to accept payment from the customer. 

Select the invoice (optional but recommended), amount, payment method, remarks (if any) and click on Create Payment. 

Now, a unique Transaction ID will be generated for the payment. You'll see an Actions dropdown menu. From there, you can download/print receipt, edit, or delete the payment.

Once you create a payment, the invoice status will automatically change to Paid

Accepting Partial Payments

In case your customer has only made partial payment against the invoice. You can enter the amount accordingly, this will trigger Orderhive to mark the invoice status as Partially Paid.

E.g. For the invoice of $110, payment of $80 was created. You can see that under the Payment Tab, Orderhive will display the amount due which you can accept in future from your customer. 

Create Invoice & Receive Payment

Use this option when you want to create the invoice and payment together. This action will automatically trigger Orderhive to create the payment and mark the invoice status as paid.

Supported Payment Integrations

Currently, Orderhive supports Stripe, a leading online payment processor. Read how Stripe integration works in Orderhive. 

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