Add Comments/Notes to a Sales Order

Comments/Notes can be added to orders to record particular information regarding any order. These help an organization’s internal members to follow specific instructions mentioned in comments/notes for the orders.

Add Comments:

  • Go to Orders listing page. open the order for which comments need to be added.
  • Go to the Comments section which can be seen by scrolling down to the end of the order detail screen.

  • Write the comment in the text box and click on Post.
  • The users who have been assigned permission to edit orders would be able to add/view comments.
  • Comments can also be deleted or edited whenever required. 
  • Click on Edit to modify the already written comment. Once the comment is edited, click on Save.

  • Click on Delete to permanently delete the comment.

Add Notes:

  • Go to the Orders listing page and open the order for which Note has to be added.
  • Go to the Notes section which can be seen below the Items section. 

  • Click on Write a Note to write the Note in the text box and click on Done.

  • Notes can also be modified if required. Click on Update a note to edit the existing note.

  • After modifying the existing note, click on Save.

  • Comments or notes added to any order can be identified from the orders page itself by hovering over the Note icon on the order card. It will display the note mentioned in that particular order.

  • For comments it will display the number of comments made on that particular order.

Note: Cin7 Orderhive will sync all the comments and notes mentioned on any orders during the first sync of orders from the channel. If any comments are added to the order after it has synced with Cin7 Orderhive, they will not be reflected on the orders in Cin7 Orderhive.


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