Add Customers

Customers can be added in Cin7 Orderhive through the following methods:

  1. Add customers manually
  2. Sync customers from a channel
  3. Bulk Import customers

Add customers manually:

  • Go to the Customers tab
  • Click on New to add a new Customer.

  • Now, enter all the relevant details. Name and Address are required fields to add to the customer as they are important to automatically fetch details later.


  • Pricing tier can be selected customer wise in order to keep it as a default pricing while creating an order for this customer. To know more about Pricing tier please refer to the Pricing tier article.


  • Address details can also be added for the customers once you add the new customer. Click on the customer name and then you can add the address over there. 

  • It is also possible to add multiple addresses to the same customer. Click on Add for the same. While creating an order, you will get an option to select the customer with either of the addresses.


  • The address can be added later as well by editing the address details under Actions.


  • Lastly, click on Save.

Syncing customers from channels:

On integrating any of your marketplaces or shopping cart accounts with Cin7 Orderhive, customers will get automatically imported along with the orders. 

For Shopping cart platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc): All existing customers in your store back-end will get imported.

For Online Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.): Customer details are fetched from sales orders and will get populated on Customers listing page.

Bulk Import Customers:

Apart from manually adding customers and automatically syncing from channels, you can even bulk import your customers to save time.

  • Go to Customers >  click on Import.

  • A popup window will open stating further instructions. Download the template.

  • Enter all the customer details in the excel sheet and save the file.

  • After this, click on Drag and Drop or Browse and drop the file which you want to import.



  • Lastly, upload the file and click on Import. Once you import the file, then it will show the file got imported correctly or not.

  • Click on Download/View and it will show whether the file got successfully imported or not.

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