Add & Manage Custom Fields

Online stores/marketplaces offer very limited attributes that sellers can add to the Sales Orders they receive from their customers. Many times, it becomes quite difficult for sellers to manage sales order information that cannot be saved on the online platforms. Managing additional information using notes hasn’t proven to be very helpful for catering such needs of sellers. Therefore, Orderhive has introduced the capabilities of creating & managing Custom Fields. These Custom Fields can be printed on different templates as well.

The custom fields option is available on the Products, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders list view itself.


There are 5 types of custom fields available in Orderhive:

- Text

- Number

- Dropdown

- Checkbox

- Date

  • For adding custom fields go to Orders > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field
  • Click on Add Custom Field and type the name of the custom field
  • Select the type of the custom field, enable/disable the options of marking the field as required & showing the field in List/Kanban view and click on Create.
  • You can then edit the order and fill the custom fields information. The information in custom fields can be viewed on the Orders list/kanban view.
  • In order to delete a custom field, click on Custom Fields button on the Orders list view and again click on the custom field that needs to be deleted. Now click on Delete Field and the system will give you a prompt wherein the name of the custom field which needs to be deleted is required to be entered.

Similarly, the Custom Fields can be added & managed in the Purchase Orders and Products module as well.

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