Add & Manage Location, Batch and Cost based tracking for products


Cin7 Orderhive assists in the management of inventory movement within a warehouse – be it shipping, receiving, picking and packing, etc. It allows you to manage your inventory efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses, all on a single platform.

Create Locations:

  • Go to Settings > Warehouses
  • Click on a particular warehouse in which you need to add locations

  • Click on Stock Locations

  • Add the locations by clicking on the + sign. Enter the required combination of Address as well Description. 
  • Click on Add to save it.

  • If a particular location is not pickable (not supposed to be used for directly shipping an order), then you can turn OFF the respective toggle button.
  • After entering the address and description, click on Add to save the locations in that particular warehouse.
  • In case you want to import a large number of locations for a particular warehouse, you can Import an excel sheet as per the required template which will add locations for that product in bulk.
  • Click on Import > Download the template

  • Here’s the sample template:

  • After editing the excel sheet, click on Import again, browse the updated file or Drag and drop the file & click on Import.

  • Once the import is done, you’ll receive a notification and further the locations would be created for the particular warehouse. You can check the log file for the same.

The Barcode button on Locations page will help you generate barcodes for each of your locations which can be used for internal warehouse purposes.

  • You’ll receive a notification once the barcodes are ready. Here are some sample generated barcodes:



In order to manage the moving inventory of products in batches into your warehouse, along-with maintaining batch expiry, you can use batch functionality within Cin7 Orderhive.

Create Batches:

  • Go to Settings > Products > Batches

  • Click on + icon and enter required details and further save the batch.

  • In case a specific batch of products have a predetermined expiry date, kindly select that and further you can identify all the expired batches via reports provided in Cin7 Orderhive.
  • In case you don’t want to receive any products in a specific batch you can simply turn OFF the toggle button and Close the batch. On the other hand, if you want to allow receiving products in a batch you can turn ON the toggle button.
  • Click on Add to save the batch details.

Cin7 Orderhive also enables you to track your inventory on three primary parameters:

  1. Location
  2. Batch
  3. Cost(Buy Price)

Cin7 Orderhive will identify every different combination of values for the above-mentioned parameters, uniquely. As an example, consider the below displayed product. It has in total 45 units in the Warehouse, further break ups of these units are shown as 4 for Location L1, Batch B2 with a buying Cost of 500 and similarly other combinations for 25 and 16 units.


Assigning Location / Batch / Cost on products:

Each of the three parameters Location, Batch & Cost can be assigned to your products in the following manner:-

  • Click on On-Hand QTY for any of your product and click on + icon select one of the parameters among Location, Batch or Cost as shown:-

  • After adding the location you can either assign an already created location from the drop down or create a new one and assign it to the product there itself. Same follows for batch and cost parameters.
  • After typing the name simply click on the Create Option in the dropdown which will create a new location and assign it further.

  • Provide the corresponding On Hand QTY and the reason for the update in inventory.

  • You can also track inventory as a combination of all the parameters i.e Location, Batch and Cost.

  • Further you’ll be seeing the inventory being tracked on the provided parameters.


Setting Up Picking/Shipping Selection Priorities:

  • You can change the priority of the three parameters used for tracking inventory from Settings > Products > Picking/Shipping selection priorities.

  • The saved sequence will be shown to you while picking/shipping of your sales orders within Cin7 Orderhive for all the products. 


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