Add & Manage Tasks

Orderhive assists you in creating and managing important tasks for prioritizing them. Amidst all the continuous process going on there are times where the important tasks need to be tracked and worked upon. With Orderhive, the above concern can be taken care of efficiently.

  • On the extreme top-right hand side, there is a task icon.

  • Upon clicking the icon, the following window will appear showing pending tasks and the completed ones.
  • Customized tasks can be added by simply typing in. You can assign a specific color to the task to define its priority.

  • Another significance of creating Tasks is while shipping orders. While shipping any order, if the following Toggle for creating the task of a shipment is kept ON, then the task is associated with that particular order. Let’s say an order #107 is shipped keeping the toggle ON.

  • After shipping the order with necessary information and pressing Done the task would be added to the Task list and will show as Pending.
  • Labels and Packing slips can easily be printed with a single click eliminating the effort of going into each order and performing the operation.

  • After completing the required actions, the tasks can also be marked as Completed by clicking on Done.

  • All the completed tasks will be shown under the Completed tab.


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