Add suppliers

Orderhive provides an option to add Suppliers from the UI one-by-one or in bulk using a spreadsheet.

In order to create a supplier from the UI:

  • Go to Suppliers 
  • Click on Add Supplier button.
  • While adding the supplier information, please make sure that certain fields like Email, Tax & Payment Term are filled correctly as these values will be used by default when a Purchase Order will be raised for this Supplier.
  • There is an option called This is a dropshipper which needs to be enabled if the Supplier needs to be associated with Dropshipper.
  • Suppliers can also be imported in bulk using spreadsheet.
  • First, go to Suppliers and click on Import
  • Download the template & fill in the Suppliers data
  • Select the file & click on Import
  • Once the file is imported, a notification with log file will appear
  • The notification log will display the number of entries that failed to get loaded in the system. If there are no failed records, the logs will show all entries as Successfully Inserted.

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