Adding a Product

In order to add a new product in inventory to your offline store, use the Add Product feature to add as many products as required to sell via the offline store.

Please follow the below steps to add products in your Cin7 Orderhive account.

  • Firstly, go to the Products page and click on the New Product button.

  • In the drop-down, you'll find these options - Simple Product, Configurable Product, Bundle Product.

Here is a brief explanation for each of those types:

  • Simple Product: Simple Products are products that don't have any type of variations and are sold as a single product. 
  • Configurable Product: Configurable Products have further variants/options of them. For e.g. A Nike T-shirt sold in different sizes and colors.
  • Bundle Product: Product bundling or kitting is the ability to offer multiple products/SKUs for sale, as one product. This could be a pack of t-shirts, a furniture set, or any other combination of products you sell.

To create a Simple Product, follow the below steps:

  • Enter the SKU, product name. These fields are mandatory.

  • Apart from the above details, you can even assign product category, brand, the threshold value (value of stock below which you want to see it under Low Stock), Price, Category, Weight, Description, Suppliers, Images, etc.
  • You can also add Tags to each product. It might help you assign specific parameters to a set of products and further ease your process to bifurcate them.

  • After saving the product you can add the stock level by clicking on the On Hand QTY and update the quantity from the opened pop-up.


To create Configurable Products, follow the below steps:


  • Click on the New Product > New Configurable Product from the product listing page.
  • Enter the product name and further add the parameters for which you have variants for that product.

  • SKUs for the variants will be assigned automatically by using the Product Name and the values of the parameter on which the variants differ. For e.g. - If your T-Shirt has variants with different colors like - Red, White, Black, Blue, the SKU assigned will be T-Shirt-Red, T-Shirt-White, T-Shirt-Black, etc.
  • In case you want to make any changes in the SKUs, you can do that and then click on Next.


  • You can set prices and stock levels for all those variants and also assign a Threshold Value to them. Next click on Save.


To understand how to create bundle products, please refer to the following article:

Bundle Product


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