Adding a Sales Order

Adding a Sales Order

There are two methods for order creation in Orderhive: 

  • Adding orders manually
  • Auto sync of orders from channels (Add your selling channels such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Please follow the below steps to create orders manually in Orderhive:

  • Go to the Orders tab
  • Click on the New Order button

  • You need to fill in some details such as customer name, email address, payment method, billing details, etc. In case a customer already exists, by default details like Email, contact no. will populate in their respective fields on selecting customer name.

  • Select Order Currency, Payment Method, Order Date & Warehouse to fulfill the order from
  • Under Tax, there are two options: 
  1. Tax Included: Tax is included in item rates 
  2. Tax Extra: Tax is applied on item rates

  • You can even assign the order you're creating to a Sales Person. If you've already added users to your account, you'll see their names in the dropdown. If not, you can add your Sales Person with the corresponding role & access. 

  • Once you fill in all the required details, you will need to type the initial 3 letters of the product name or SKU, so that the system can fetch the remaining details automatically. 
  • After the product is added, you can select the pricing tier at which the product is sold. For understanding more about the pricing tier, please refer to the Pricing Tiers article.

  • Alternatively, you can add the product by barcode scanning. This is a quicker way to add products. You can either individually scan the products or in bulk. Simply point the focus on the Add Items text box and start scanning the barcodes of the products through a scanner. As soon as the product is added you will be able to update the quantity of the product. Also, scanning the same product multiple times will increase its quantity in the order.
  • After adding the product, enter the quantity to be ordered, discount, and tax percentage, if any.

Note: By default, the quantity field is populated by 1. To change it, enter the required value.

  • Custom Items can be added in the order. Shipping charges, gift wrapping, additional merchandise, import fees, etc. can be considered as Custom Items.
  • Simply type the name of the Custom item and the option to add it as a Custom item will appear.

  • There are a few predefined categories that can also be assigned to the Custom item.

  • Order notes can also be added to the Sales Order for the purpose of recording important notes. They can be seen from the order listing page by hovering over the Note icon.

  • Lastly, the order can be saved as a draft if it’s To be Confirmed or it can be simply saved if it’s To be Shipped.


Custom Fields in Sales Orders:

In addition to the static fields, Customized Fields can also be added to a sales order. You can record any sort of data in a sales order with the help of custom fields. 

  • 5 types of custom fields can be created in a Sales Order - Text, Number, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Date.
  • In order to create a custom field, click on Custom Fields and select Add Custom Field

  • Type the name of the Custom Field and select the type of Custom Field.

  • The customizable fields can also be marked as required and can be visible in the List view.

  • Deleting Custom Fields - For deleting a custom field, please go to the Custom Fields option from the Orders tab, select the Custom Field that needs to be deleted and click on Delete Field.

  • Once you click on Delete Field, a pop-up will open requesting to type the field name of the custom field.

All the above-mentioned steps will help you create an order in Orderhive which can then be Saved or Shipped, as required.


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