Amazon FBA Integration - Overview

Cin7 Orderhive supports integration with major Amazon Marketplaces.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service by Amazon that allows retailers to store their products in their fulfillment centers. Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for those products.


  • Go to the Integrations module.
  • Click on Add Integration button and Select Amazon Integration.
  • The process of integrating Amazon is divided into 4 easy steps. There are detailed instructions available at each step.

  • In the Country field select the Amazon marketplace you want to integrate with Cin7 Orderhive. There are businesses that sell on Amazon Merchant or on Amazon FBA or on both, in the Fulfillment Type select the Amazon FBA. 
  • Once selected, click on Next.

  • Insert your Merchant Id. There are detailed instructions given on how to get marketplace id and merchant id. After entering the details, click on Next.

  • Go to your Amazon account, copy the merchant token and paste it into the Merchant Token field in the Cin7 Orderhive in Step 3. Follow the instructions given in step 3 to find a merchant token in your Amazon account. Enter the details and then click on Next.

  • The final step consists of information regarding entering the store name and importing orders from a past date.

Important Note:

Cin7 Orderhive does not maintain the stock for FBA and hence does not allows to edit the quantities for the FBA store, the stock is solely maintained by FBA.

Also, Cin7 Orderhive creates a default fulfillment warehouse for FBA which reserves stock by default on receiving an order.


Store Name:

Enter the desired Store Name (keep it short one word) and also the Store Country from the drop-down.

Sync Inactive Product Listing:

Keeping this option ON will sync inactive product listings from your Amazon store.

Keeping this option OFF will not sync inactive product listings from your Amazon store. 

Sync Pending Orders:

Orders without payment approval are considered Pending Orders. Amazon has its own process to approve payments made by the customers. Keeping this option ON will sync the orders for which amazon has not approved the payment yet.

Keeping this option OFF will sync orders for which Amazon has completed the payment approval process.

Sync Orders From: 

This helps to select the appropriate date you want to sync orders from your Amazon store.

After adding and selecting all the details, click on done to integrate your Amazon FBA store with Cin7 Orderhive.

Note: If both Amazon Merchant and Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon) of the same marketplace are integrated, they would be considered as a single integration. But in case only one of them (only Merchant or only FBA) is integrated, it would be treated as a separate integration.


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