Amazon Order Management

This article explains about the order and customer details Orderhive imports from Amazon and what information is updated back to Amazon.

Once integrated, Orderhive automatically syncs sales orders and customers (fetched from orders).

Orderhive will import the below order fields from Amazon:

- Billing address and shipping address (same)
- Amazon Order ID (will be displayed on the order listing page in Orderhive)
- Payment method
- Order total (currency)
- Fulfillment channel: FBA or Seller fulfilled
- Item details: Seller SKU, ASIN, Title, item price, COD_Fee_Discount, promotion discount, shipping discount, item tax, gift wrap message, quantity shipped and quantity ordered.
- Extra line items: Orderhive will sync the shipping service from Amazon. If not found, then Orderhive will display Shipping charges. Also, shipping price and gift charges are synced.
- Order Note: Notes can be added to the orders for reference purpose in Orderhive.

Click on Add a note, enter the details as required and click on done, the note will be added to that particular Order.

Notes can be seen by hovering on the Note icon on the order card.

Orderhive also imports gift messages along with the order and if an order is a gift, it displays a tag of gift inside the order card, as well as on list page.

Orderhive imports the below customer details:

Orderhive fetches Name, Phone, city, state, country code, Postal code from billing address.
Orderhive fetches a masked email address from buyer’s email.

Note: We receive only Billing address from Amazon in the format supported by the marketplace. Orderhive populates the same address into Shipping address field. 

Order Status Mapping:

For merchant-fulfilled orders, Orderhive receives the below order statuses. This table shows the statuses synced from Amazon is considered as what status in Orderhive and vice-versa. 

Updating Shipment details: 

Whenever you create a shipment for an Amazon order, Orderhive will update the below details on Amazon -

- Order status: Shipped or partially shipped (determined on the basis of shipped quantity)
- Shipping date: Updated under "Fulfillment Date" in Amazon
- Courier company and tracking number

New Orders Sync:

After the initial sync of your Amazon store, any new orders (with customer details) placed will be imported in Orderhive. 

Amazon Prime Orders:

Orderhive also has a provision to sync the Prime Orders from Amazon store. They can be identified with the help of a tag of AmznPrime and a due date on the order card.

Fulfillment latency:

Fulfillment latency (also known as handling time) is the number of business days between receiving an order on Amazon and shipping it to the customer. It is an Amazon configuration to mark an item as requiring additional lead time to ship. The default value on Amazon is one to two business days.
Fulfillment latency will be updated from Orderhive to Amazon at the time of inventory update.


Any customer or order information changes except order status made in Orderhive will not reflect in Amazon. 

Orderhive also shows the Raw Order Response Data which is the channel’s API response for that particular order. It includes all the order details and the fields that we receive in the API call made to the channel.

Orderhive shows the response that is received from the channel in Jason data format -

It also gives you an option to see the order data response in Tree format -

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