Archive & Unarchive Products

The Archive products functionality helps to remove the listings from the products page, which are deleted on the channel. The Unarchive products functionality helps to restore the archived products.

Products can be archived in two ways -

  • Archive Products Manually
  • Archive Products Automatically when deleted on the channels (Provided the Automatic archive option is ON for the store on their respective integration config in Orderhive) 

Archive Products Manually:

Orderhive provides the feature to Archive products manually if you want to hide them from the products list. You can archive a single product or do it in bulk as well. Follow the below steps to Archive products manually.

  • Go to Products section
  • Select the product you want to archive. In case of bulk archive you can select multiple products.
  • Click on Archive and the selected products will be archived.

Note: Products from specific channel can not be archived if they are auto-merged with products from other channels.

Archive Products Automatically when Deleted on Channels:

Products can be automatically archived if automatic archive option is ON for the channels on their respective integration page in Orderhive. This means whenever you delete the products on the channel, in Orderhive it will automatically get deleted and move to the Archived products list. 


  • The product gets archived only after Instant Product Sync is done and completed. The automatic archive will not work until and unless instant product sync is not performed.
  • Automatic Archive function will only work if the products are deleted from all the channels. If the products exist on any of the other integrated channels, then products will not be archived automatically.

Unarchive Product:

Unarchive Products allows you to restore the archived products back to the Products page.
To see the list of Archived Products, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Products and scroll down.
  • Click on View Archived Products

You will see the list of all Archived products. You can select single or multiple products to unarchive. Click on Unarchive button once you select the products you want to unarchive. 

Delete Products from Unarchive Products List:

Products can also be deleted from the Archive products list. Select the products you want to delete and hit the delete button.

Note: If you delete any products from the archive products list then those products will be deleted permanently from your Orderhive account and can not be restored.

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