Assign/Update Suppliers to Products in Bulk

Cin7 Orderhive provides you a provision of assigning suppliers to products in bulk via excel sheet. In order to do that - 

  • Go to Products page
  • Click on Import option 
  • Among the four options available, select Assign/Update Supplier

This will open a pop-up for selecting a particular excel file to assign/update the suppliers. 

From here you can either Assign Suppliers to Products OR Update Assigned Suppliers on Products.

Note: Before performing any of these, just make sure the suppliers are already created in your account. Also, make sure the same format is used while importing the sheet as received when exported. Don’t delete an existing column or add a new one in the sheet.

Assigning Suppliers to Products -

  • For assigning suppliers to a product, click on Download a template. This will initiate export for the template of the excel sheet. Once downloaded, please open the excel file.

  • Now, let’s say you want to assign a supplier with email id to three of your products with SKU- Nokia5p  , Nokia5 , Nokia7 with their respective supplier SKUs and other details. Simply add them one by one in a row and save the file. You can also assign a default supplier for each of your products.

  • You can then import the file by clicking on import and selecting the saved file. Upload the saved file by either dragging and dropping the file or by using the browse option and then click on Import to upload the file.

  • After the import is complete, a notification will be received. The log file of the import can be downloaded by clicking on the notification.

  • Log File would help you in case of any error by providing the correct reason, in the import.

  • Once the sheet is imported successfully, the suppliers provided in the sheet will get assigned to the corresponding products.

Update Assigned Suppliers on Products -

  • To update assigned suppliers on products click on Export from here. This will start an export of excel file containing your products and supplier details. 

  • Once the export is complete a notification will be received, clicking on it will download the excel file.

  • Further in order to assign any supplier to a particular product, simply duplicate the entire row and enter the Supplier Email and other details in the duplicated row, keeping the SKU the same. Let’s say we want to assign a product with SKU- WranglerjeanL , a new supplier with email address, Supplier SKU is ABC for this product, further the reorder quantity is supposed to be 5. Create a new row with the same SKU and email id of the supplier supposed to be assigned. 

  • After saving the updated file, again go to Products page and click on Import > Import/Update Suppliers and select the updated file and click on Import.

  • After the import is done, a notification will be received. The log file of the import can also be downloaded by clicking on the notification.

  • Log File will help you identify if there’s any error in the import by providing the corresponding reason.

  • Further you can check the product detail page and the new supplier can be seen as assigned there.


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