Auto Folderization

Auto Folderization will allow the files that are associated in a relational manner to be grouped together so that it becomes easy to access them and differentiate them. Based on certain properties, you can define the grouping of orders.

For example:  
Mike is the warehouse manager of a large scale organization and needs to make sure that the orders get assigned to his warehouse workers and are shipped on time by them. They receive 500 orders daily on an average from a total of 4 online stores and assigning 500 orders manually to his warehouse workers can become quite a tedious task. This is when having automation that automatically divides the orders into folders for different warehouse workers, can come to be of help.

Automation: To add orders in folders according to Sales Person - this will help the Sales Person get a list of orders which are supposed to be shipped. 

  • Go to the Automation section
  • Create new automation 
  • Add Automation Name
  • Select Inbuilt Trigger
  • Select Trigger When an Order and Value as created
  • Following Conditions can be applied to All orders.
  • Select the Condition as Sales Person with is and further select Sales Person name from the drop down and click on done.
  • Multiple conditions can also be added within one automation.
  •  Add Actions from the drop down to Move to Folder.
  • Select the folder from the drop down and save the automation.
  • Once this automation is enabled for your account, whenever an order is created with the Sales Person name Stephen those orders will automatically be sent to the folder named Stephen on the Orders page.

Note: Automation will be applicable to the orders which will sync after enabling automation. It will not be applicable to already synced orders.

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