Auto MCF

Nowadays MCF (Amazon multichannel fulfillment) has become crucial for all types of online sellers who outsource their fulfillment services to Amazon. Orderhive Automation makes MCF operations efficient and automated. Let’s understand the Auto MCF functionality using a practical use case.

Use Case:

There are various sellers who are selling products in multiple countries across the globe but have FBA facility only for USA customers. So, if you receive an order from a customer based out of the USA and wish to redirect it to Amazon to fulfill it, such automation will help you completely remove your manual work of routing the orders to Amazon as and when you receive it.

Automation: Route Orders to MCF only if the shipping country is the United States.

  • Go to Automations
  • Click on New Automation
  • Give a suitable Name
  • You can select Inbuilt Trigger or Custom Triggers
  • Select an Event by selecting Trigger When an Order and Value is created
  • The condition here is that the orders need to be from the United States. Select the Shipping Country from the dropdown
  • Write the name of the country (United States). This will pick up only those orders in which the Shipping Country has the United States in it.
  • Add Action: Select Ship via MCF. 
  • Select the required and relevant information from the dropdown lists. Select the service, warehouse, note, email and other fields as required.

Once you click on the Save button, your automation will start running. All the orders from the United States will automatically be sent to Amazon for fulfillment.

Note: Automation will be applicable to the orders which sync after enabling automation. It will not be applicable to already synced orders.

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