Auto Purchase Order Creation

Defining automations within your business process is a great option to reduce manual intervention and optimize the operations. Orderhive lets you define various automations depending on the requirements and use cases. 

Use Case:
Consider you wish to create a purchase order for few products when the quantity for those products reach a certain level.

  • Go to Automation page and click on New Automation option.
  • Name the automation and select a trigger on which you want the automation to be defined. In our use case we’ll select When a product stock is adjusted.
  • Now, next option is to select condition for the automation, you can select the product’s name or SKU or any other option.
  • For example we’ll be selecting Product’s SKU for the automation.
  • Enter the SKU separated by (,).
  • Once the Conditions are added, the next step is to add the automation Action.
  • Select Create PO and it will load the list of options that you need to select.
  • Select the name of supplier, warehouse, currency, folder, payment terms and purchase quantity as per your requirement.
  • While selecting the reorder quantity you’ll get two options. If you wish to add a certain number, then you can select Custom reorder qty, it’ll give you an option to add the quantity manually.
  • The second option is for reordering the quantities as per the sales velocity of that particular product which will be calculated by the system. You can select the number of days that you wish to consider the report for, select whether you wish to deduct the velocity quantity from available inventory or On hand.
  • If you wish to deduct the incoming quantity from the velocity quantity then you can enable the toggle button.
  • Once all the options are selected, click on Save.
  • Similar to this, there can be a plethora of use cases wherein our automations module can be useful. In case you want to explore possibility of automation for a specific use case in regards to your business, please feel free to reach us through live chat option.

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