Auto Set Template & Email

Defining automations within your business process is a great option to reduce manual intervention and optimize the operations. Orderhive lets you define various automations depending on the requirements and use cases.

So let us discuss such a use case where an automation will help you define different emails to your customers depending on specific conditions.

Use Case:
Consider you manage inventory and orders for more than one of your web stores within orderhive and depending on the web store from which the order is placed you want the packing slips, invoices, order summaries etc all such documents to be emailed to your customers from Orderhive.

Orderhive allows you to create and maintain multiple templates as per your requirements by using custom template builders for each of these templates. Now let us see how automation of such a use case can be defined.

  • Go to Automations page and click on New Automation option.
  • Name the automation and select a trigger on which you want the automation to be defined. In our use case we’ll select order creation as the trigger.
  • So as an example, let’s select the condition for this automation as the store being Orderhive. At this option you can select any of your online web store. 
  • Further within the actions select Set Template & Email.
  • After selecting the condition and action you’ll be asked for the templates you want to set for each of your documents as shown. This automation once configured will automatically set the templates for each of your orders and you’ll simply need to click on print/download/email. 
  • Let’s check out the effect of automation by creating a test order for Orderhive store. As shown whenever the order is created/synced within system the respective templates as per the selection in automation gets selected.
  • Similar to this, there can be a plethora of use cases wherein our automations module can be useful. In case you want to explore possibility of automation for a specific use case in regards to your business, please feel free to reach us through live chat option.

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