Auto Split Order

Splitting an order is a common practice in eCommerce industry as it helps a lot in optimizing the order management, inventory management, fulfillment and also helps customers track the individual items they have ordered. Splitting a large order into multiple small orders can help businesses in increasing their order management efficiency and reducing errors in fulfillment operations which can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Orderhive empowers its users to automate order splitting to further simplify their operations.

Use case:
Let’s say a seller caters multiple categories of products. Now, different categories of products are fulfilled by different suppliers/warehouses. In such a situation, the seller can create an automation of splitting orders based on the categories of the products.

Similarly, a seller might be selling items from multiple brands in form of bundles, for e.g. A duffle bag, a protein shaker and a pair of gym gloves. In such a situation, the seller can create an automation of splitting order based on the item brands.

For getting started with automating order splitting, 

  • Go to Automations 
  • Click on New Automation.
  • Select Inbuilt Trigger and add an event - When an order is created
  • Select the conditions to filter out the orders to be split. In this case, you can select the conditions - When store is Orderhive and Order Total Units is greater than 3. So, this will only split the orders which are from Orderhive and have more than a total of 3 units ordered in a particular order.
  • Select Split Order from Actions and the basis on which an order should be split. In our case it is By Supplier.
  • Click on Save to save the automation


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