Auto sync invoices with accounting channels

Auto sync will help create and sync the invoices to the accounting channels once the order syncs into Orderhive and it fulfill the conditions that are assigned in the automation.

  • To create an Automation, go to Automations section.
  • Click on Create a new automation.
  • Add Automation Name
  • Select appropriate triggers: Inbuilt Trigger or Custom Triggers
  • Select a trigger When an order is created.
  • The conditions can be applied on all the orders with the conditions that you wish to apply.
  • The condition can be selected from the  drop down option.
  • For example, if the status of the order is confirmed, it should automatically create an invoice for the orders.
  • Once the condition is selected,  you can select the actions accordingly.
  • Once you select actions for the automation, click on SAVE.
  • This automation once configured will create the invoices for all the orders with Confirmed status.
  • Similarly, you can create this automation with various other conditions.

Use Case:

Suppose a seller wants to sync invoices to an accounting channel such as Quick books or Xero, for a particular store once the order is created. 

In such cases, the seller needs to create an automation wherein once the order syncs from that particular store.

  • Select the trigger When an order is created.
  • Once the trigger is selected, add a condition for the orders from the particular store and save it.
  • Once the automation is saved, it will create an invoice for the orders that are synced from that particular store.

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