BigCommerce Integration - Overview

BigCommerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms by online merchants. Cin7 Orderhive provides seamless integration with BigCommerce so that you can centralize and automate your inventory and shipping operations with ease.

Reaching Integration Settings:

You’ll find the steps to integrate your store on the integration page.

  • Go to the Integrations module to add your BigCommerce store.

  • Find the Bigcommerce integration and click on it.

  • You’ll then be redirected to the detailed steps to be performed.

  • After reading the steps thoroughly, click “Next”.
  • On the page that opens enter the details as follows:

Store Name:

Enter the desired Store Name that you want to keep for your BigCommerce store. You can name your channel whatever you want, this name will be used across your Cin7 Orderhive  account.

BigCommerce Store name:

BigCommerce Store name can be fetched from a URL like this available in your BigCommerce account.

Sync Pending Orders:

A pending order is an order for which the customer started the checkout process but did not complete it. Incomplete orders are assigned a "Pending" status in BigCommerce.

Keeping it ON will sync such Pending Orders from BigCommerce.

Keeping it OFF will not sync Pending orders from your store to OH.

Cin7 Orderhive recommends keeping it OFF.

There are various new functions and checks available at the time of integration like:

Automatically archive product in Cin7 Orderhive  when deleted on BigCommerce store: 

If this option is ON (recommended), the product will be automatically archived in Cin7 Orderhive if they are deleted from your BigCommerce store.

If this option is OFF, the product will stay in Cin7 Orderhive even though it is deleted from your store. You might have to archive it again in Cin7 Orderhive if you don’t want to see the product in a list.

Automap duplicate SKUs:

If this option is enabled(recommended), the products that have the same SKUs on your store will be automatically mapped to each other after they sync in Cin7 Orderhive.

Warehouses to Fulfill from:

This shows the list of all the available warehouses of which the inventory quantity will reflect on your BigCommerce store. A single warehouse, all or a combination can be selected according to the requirement.

For example, if you turn ON two warehouses, an addition of stock of 2 warehouses will be reflected in the store.

Default Warehouse: 

This shows the list of all the available warehouses in the drop-down where you can select the one from which you want to reserve the stock by default on receiving an order.

Sync Orders From:

This helps to select the appropriate date you want to sync the orders from your BigCommerce store.


The below image represents the integration flow between BigCommerce and Cin7 Orderhive.


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