Bill of Material/ Work Order

Create BOM, create work order

Cin7 Orderhive provides a feature to track the inventory of your raw materials and help you monitor the whole process of converting the raw materials into your finished goods and keep a track of its inventory and costing through bill of materials/work order feature.

In order to create a Work Order, you’ll need to setup a Bill of Material for that product and activate that Bill of Material. The Work Order will help you execute the manufacturing process for a particular product with the help of BOM.


Bill of Materials:

A bill of materials (BOM) is basically an extensive list of raw materials, components, and assemblies required to construct, manufacture, or repair a product or service.

  • Click on the BOM option from the module tab.
  • Click on the Add BOM option to create a new Bill of Materials for the product.

  • Add a Name for the Bill of Materials.
  • Add the final product.
  • Add the parts in the parts section along with the quantity required for that particular material.
  • The cost of the products will be taken directly and you can also edit that manually.

Note: The raw material products should be listed as simple/variant products in Cin7 Orderhive to be added as raw material.

  • Add the service required for manufacturing the product.
  • Services can be added on the BOM page directly first and while creating a new BOM, you can search through the ones that you are looking to add.

  • Services can be added from the Add service section and pricing can be selected as per requirement.
  • Depending on the cost selected, it’ll provide the total cost of the service.

  • Additional notes, as well as images, can be added to the BOM.
  • The estimated time taken for the product to be manufactured can also be added.
  • Once all the details are added, click on Save.

  • Once the BOM is saved, select it and activate it by clicking on the Active button as only active BOMs can be added to a Work order.


Work Order:

  • Click on the WORK ORDER option from the menu on the left side of the screen and click on Add Work Order option to create a new work order.

  • All the details added to the BOM page can be added manually on this page as well.
  • Simply select the warehouse to which the quantity will be added once the Work Order is completed and the product is manufactured.
  • Select the user to which you wish to assign the Work Order.

  • Search the product for which you want to create a Work Order.
  • If the BOM is already created for the product, it’ll automatically fetch the Parts details as per the active BOM for that product.
  • Type in the WO Quantity - the number of products for which you are creating a Work Order.
  • If a BOM is not already created then you can add the Part details at the time of creating a Work Order.

  • Services can be selected for the Work Order which will be a part of the manufacturing process for this particular product. A due date can also be added for the completion of the Work Order.

  • Once the Work order is created, click on Save to save it as Draft or click on Confirm and Done to move the order in the Confirmed.

  • Once the manufacturing starts, click on Inprogress and it’ll move the Work Order into the Manufacturing

  • Once the process is completed, click on Complete and the product quantity will be added to the product on the selected warehouse.


Custom Fields:

  • If there’s any additional information that is needed to be added in either the Work order or in the Bill of Materials, it can be done with the use of Custom Fields.

  • Custom field types can be selected and can also be made mandatory information.

  • Once it is created, it’ll show on the Work Order/Bill of materials page and if it is mandatory, it won’t allow creating a new Work Order/Bill of materials without the custom field.


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