Billing Settings

Billing page provides the information of current subscription, credit card details and billing history. You can also change subscription plan, credit card information and cancel subscription from the billing page.

Reaching Billing Settings:
Follow the below steps to reach Billing Page:

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of your screen 
  2. Go to Settings →  Billing.

This page will give the details of your ongoing plan and other payment details.

Switch to Annual Billing:

We offer flat 10% discount on our yearly plans. You can switch to our yearly plan with just one click.

Change Subscription:

Every business grows over a period of time. You can change the subscription plan according to your business needs. Click on Change Subscription.

The subscription can be changed according to your needs. Click on back once you select the subscription.

Update Credit Card Details:

This functionality helps to change your credit card details so that you won’t face any payment issue in case you have changed your credit card. Click on update and fill out the required details.

Billing History:

Billing History provides the old transaction history with Orderhive and invoice copy to download for your reference.

Click on the invoice number to download the invoice copy.

Cancel Subscription:

At any point of time if you decide to discontinue your Orderhive subscription then you can click on Cancel Subscription.

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