Cancel sales orders in bulk

Many times it happens that the customer cancels the order which has been placed, Cin7 Orderhive helps you to cancel one or more orders placed on various platforms. Orders canceled cannot be further processed. Once the order is canceled you cannot retrieve it back by any means.

Important Notes: 

  • Canceling orders received from any integrated channel like Shopify, Amazon, eBay etc will cancel them on the channel. (Provided push order status update toggle is enabled at the integration level.)
  • Channel may inform end customers about the order cancellation by email notification depending on the settings made on the channel/store.
  • Orders can be canceled only when they are in the Not Confirmed or  Confirmed status. 
  • Once an order is canceled, the quantities reserved for that order will be added back to the product and the outgoing quantity will be reduced accordingly.

Orders can be canceled individually or in bulk:

  • Go to the Orders Module.
  • To cancel an order individually, double-click on any order to open it.
  • On opening the order, click on the Cancel option.

  • To cancel the orders in bulk, select the orders you want to Cancel by single-clicking them.
  • Click on More Option > Cancel
  • A pop-up box will prompt requesting confirmation whether you want to cancel the Orders or not. 
  • Click on OK.

  • Once you have clicked on OK, the Orders will be canceled immediately. You will be able to see the Canceled Orders in the Canceled status.
  •  A Canceled label will be displayed on the order to help identify the canceled orders.


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