Clone Purchase Order

Cin7 Orderhive has a feature that can save you time if you want to add a Purchase Order similar to an already existing one in your Cin7 Orderhive account.

Clone PO can be done by two ways:

  1. From Purchase Page
  2. From Inside the Purchase Order

Clone PO from Purchase Page:

Follow the below steps to clone PO from the purchase page.

  • Go to Purchases
  • Select the Purchase order you want to clone
  • Click on Clone PO

Clone PO From Inside The Purchase Order:

  • Go to Purchases
    • Click on the Purchase order you wish to clone
  • Click on Clone PO 

  • As soon as you click on Clone PO a new PO will open with all the details pre-filled the same as the PO which you are cloning.

  • You can make the changes you want in the newly created PO like changing the supplier, warehouse & payment term details. Products can also be added or deleted. Once you have done all the changes, you can save as Draft or Raise the Purchase order. If the Purchase Order is cloned by mistake then you can Close it.


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