Configuring Pricing Tiers on Customers

Pricing tier is a feature which allows you to set multiple price points on the product to cater to different types of customers. Cin7 Orderhive account offers three default pricing tiers - Buy, Wholesale, and Retail. Apart from these, you can also create custom pricing tiers and associate them with your customers.

Assigning Pricing Tier to Customer:

A specific pricing tier can be assigned to a particular customer so that as and when a new order is created for that customer, the pricing tier would automatically get applied.

To assign a pricing tier to the customer - 

  • Go to Customers 
  • Double Click on a particular Customer 
  • Click on Edit Button 
  • Select an appropriate pricing tier.

  • After selecting the pricing tier, click on Save.

Assigning Pricing Tier on Sales Order Creation:

Further while creating an order, type in the required Customer’s name and the price would be auto-populated according to the assigned pricing tier.

  • Go to Orders 
  • Click on New Order


Note: Price of the assigned pricing tier would only be shown if the corresponding product is assigned a price for that particular pricing tier.

  • In case there is a need to change the pricing tier, it can be done from the available drop-down.


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