Confirm sales orders in bulk

All the orders placed from various channels have to be confirmed first before they can be processed further. Only after changing the order status to Confirm, you will be able to create shipment and invoices for orders.

Before confirming the orders they will be in the Not Confirmed stage, which means these are the orders placed by the customers on the e-commerce stores but are yet to be confirmed/acknowledged by the seller.

Important Note: Confirming orders received from any integration channel like Shopify, Amazon, eBay etc will confirm them on the channel. Your end customer may be notified about the order confirmation depending on the settings made on your channel.

To Confirm the Not Confirmed Orders:

  • Go to the Orders section
  • Then either manually select the orders or click on the checkbox on top of the page and then press Approve.

Orders can be sorted in three ways:

  • Newest - Latest orders are displayed first.
  • Oldest - Oldest orders are displayed first.
  • Default - Sorts the order according to the modified date of the order.
  • Max total - The one with the highest total displayed first.
  • Min total - The one with lowest total displayed first.

  • Apart from being able to confirm them from the Orders page, an overview of Not-Confirmed Orders can be viewed in the Dashboard section too.

  • Clicking on the number will redirect you to the Orders page to select and confirm the orders.


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