Convert channel products into a bundle

As most of the channels that Orderhive is integrated with, doesn't offer support for bundles, you can convert your simple products synced from the channels to a bundle with a few easy steps.

Most bundles are listed as individual products on the selling channel. For example, your selling channel can have Blue Adidas Shoes, Adidas Women Shoes, and Pack of Adidas Shoes, Sports Shoes listed as separate products. 

Orderhive will sync the bundle product also as an individual product. To convert the individual simple product into a bundle in Orderhive, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Products page, you will see the list of the products present.
  • Now click on the product and once it is selected, click on “Bundle” option mentioned at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the components that you wish to add to the bundle in the pop-up window. While adding the components, Orderhive will check if the product has any Unprocessed orders / Outgoing quantities present or not. If there are any Outgoing quantities, Orderhive will not allow to add it as a bundled component.
  • You can search the products you wish to add by SKU, Product name or Barcode. You can also scan the product’s barcode to search for it. 
  • On adding the product, you’ll see it as listed above and it’ll give you another box to search and add additional products. You can add more products from there if required. 
  • Finally, after adding the required products, click on SAVE.
  • Once you click on save, you’ll see a label “Bundle” on top of the product.

Note: The available stock of a bundle product is calculated by dividing the available stock for each of its individual components by the quantity of that component in a bundle and is then rounded to the lowest whole number. Out of these numbers, the lowest number is considered as the bundle quantity.

To understand how Orderhive manages the stock of bundled products, please refer to the following article.

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