Create Custom Shipment Label Templates

In Cin7 Orderhive, you will get a few default Shipment label templates but if it does not fulfill your requirements of an Ideal shipping label template, you can easily customize the template in Cin7 Orderhive and use it for the Shipments.

This shipping label template can be used for which tracking details have been entered directly in Cin7 Orderhive. For the ones that have been created using any integrated shipping courier service, the label will be downloaded in the format sent by the shipping courier.

Note: Default templates can be viewed from here:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Shipping
  • Scroll down to the Shipping label templates section. 
  • Click on Preview to see how the template will look like.

For creating a custom template:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Shipping
  • Click on the + button.

  • Different parameters can be changed like paper size, Shipping Label Page Header, Template Name, Shipping Label Header, Shipping Label Item Header, Shipping Label Footer, Shipping Label Page Footer. For change in each parameter, you need to code to adjust the spacing, fonts, colors, etc in HTML.

  • In all these parameters, values can be inserted like Shipment Details, Order details, Package details, Item details inappropriate positions as required. 


  • In case you want to edit small changes in existing templates then you can select the template and click on the Copy button.
  • Make the necessary changes and click on the Save button by adding a new template name. 


If you want us to customize the template, we do it at standard charges. For more information, please contact Orderhive support.


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