Create Dropshipments & Dropshipment Process

Dropshipment can be done in Cin7 Orderhive once you have added dropshippers to your account. In the dropshipment process, users can directly transfer their customer orders and shipment details to their manufacturer or supplier who then will ship the order directly to the customer.

Here's how you can drop ship an order using Cin7 Orderhive:

  • Go to the Orders tab.
  • If the order is in To Confirm status, you need to first Approve the order.
  • Open the Order you want to dropship and click on the Drop Ship button.

  • You can also select the order from the Orders page using the checkbox and Drop Ship it directly from there.

  • Once you click on the Drop Ship button, it will redirect to a verification page, where you can verify details like Ship To and Bill To address, dropshipper/dropship warehouse to be dropshipped from, quantity to be dropshipped, available quantity currently for the product added in the order, etc.
  • The dropship warehouse added to your account will be selected by default in case you choose to dropship. In case there is more than one dropship warehouse or dropshipper, you can choose the appropriate one from the Warehouse dropdown which consists of both drop shipper and dropshippers (i.e. suppliers that you’ve added as dropshippers) as well as regular warehouse. 
  • Note: Choosing a dropshipper warehouse or dropshipper means you’ll be proceeding with the dropshipping process, however, if you choose a non-dropship warehouse, it will process the order like a normal shipment.

There are different options with Toggle buttons to achieve various other tasks.

  • Create invoice for selected items. - If this toggle is ON, an invoice will be created for the order and will also sync with any accounting channel if integrated.
  • Create task for shipment. - If this toggle is ON, a new shipment task will be created.
  • Create shipment label & packing slip and email to dropshipper along with order template. - If this toggle is ON, before dropshipping, a new page will be displayed to generate the shipment label & packing slip which will be sent to the dropshipper.

  • Create purchase order for this drop shipment - if you keep this toggle on, a purchase order will be raised for this sales order.
  • Do not add stock in inventory when this PO is received - If you keep this toggle on while receiving the PO, the quantity will not be added to the inventory.

After all the toggles are set according to your preference, you need to adjust the quantity to be dropshipped. 

  • Adjust the dropship quantity if required. By default, the dropship quantity will be the same as the ordered quantity. However, if you want to only drop ship certain quantities, you can adjust the same. 
  • Lastly, Click on Drop Ship.

  • Cin7 Orderhive will email your dropshipper a PDF containing the order information. You can add another email address if needed, in the Copy to section. 
  • If you do not wish to enter another email address, simply click on Yes.

  • The drop shipment is then created and the order will be marked as Shipped and the shipment status will be marked as Pending.

  • Once the order is marked as Shipped, here's how you can update shipping and tracking details for dropshipped orders: 
  • Once your dropshipper ships the products and sends you the carrier and tracking information via email, you can update it here in Cin7 Orderhive.
  • For adding tracking details, open the order, scroll down to the Shipments section, click on the 3-dot menu from the shipment. It’ll give you multiple options, click on Add Tracking Details

  • It’ll open a dialogue box for adding the tracking details. Select the Carrier and add Tracking Number; then click on Done.  

  • Once you add the tracking details, the shipment will start showing the tracking data as shown below. The live tracking details will be fetched from selected carriers and it’ll move the shipment/order from Shipped to Delivered status once the order is delivered to the end customer.
    For manually marking the order as Delivered, click on the Complete button.  


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