Create invoices

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided to the buyer.

Create Invoices Individually:

Once the orders are created in Cin7 Orderhive - 

  • Go to the Orders page
  • Click on the Order for which you want to create the invoice to open it.
  • The order card will open. Click on the Create Invoice button to generate the invoice for that particular order.
  • Alternatively, you can select the order from the Order list page and then click on Create Invoice.


  • You can also click on the + icon in the Transactions section and then click on Invoice. Payment can also be added from here by clicking on Log Payment. 

Keeping the Show To invoice Labels for Non-invoiced Orders option ON from Settings > Orders, will show the “To Invoice” status on the order card. 




You can see the “Not Invoiced” label on orders, on the Orders list page.


While creating the invoice, invoice date, payment terms and payment log need to be added to the invoice.

  • For invoice date, Cin7 Orderhive provides the date range from which the order is created to the current date of creating an invoice.

  • Any payment term can be selected from the list of already created payment terms. To know more on payment terms, please refer to the Transaction Settings

  • While creating an invoice only full payment can be added to an invoice.

  • After all the details are added to the invoice, set the item quantities to invoice. Also, notes can be added to the invoices.
  • Click on Done.

  • An invoice will be created with all the above-mentioned details. After that, you can download or print the invoice as well.


If you have kept the option of “Ask every time I print or download” as ON from Settings > Transactions, it will prompt you to select the template in which the invoice needs to be downloaded.

  • In case, if you have already saved a template format as default (which can be done by going to Settings > Transactions > Invoice Templates) on creating an invoice it will automatically take the preselected format.
  • You can make any template as a default template by clicking on the star icon option.


  • If the invoice is created by adding the payment to it, there will be a log of invoice and payment as well in the transaction.

Create Invoices in Bulk:

  • For creating invoices in bulk, select the orders for which invoices need to be created and click on Create Invoices button.



  • You can fill in the rest of the details for the invoices like invoice date, payment terms, taxes (if applicable) and payment log can also be added to all invoices.


In case any invoice needs to be deleted

  • Go to the Orders page.
  • Select the Order for which you want to delete the invoice.
  • Click on the below-shown icon and then Delete.



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