Create or Update Bundle by Import

Product bundling or kitting is an ability to offer multiple products/SKUs for sale, as one order. This could be a pack of T-shirts, furniture set, or any other combination of product you sell.

There are a lot of online sellers who sell products as a bundle for several reasons. 

For creating/updating bundle via import:

  • Go to the Products section 
  • Click on Import and select the Create/Update Bundle Product option. 
  • Click on Create/Update Bundle Product. A new popup will open with an option to update the file.
  • You’ll see an option to Download a Template
  • Once you click on Download a template, the excel file will be ready to download in a few seconds. You will receive a notification like this once it is ready to be downloaded.
  • The template is a sheet in which you can enter the new bundles and their components that you wish to create in Orderhive in the accepted format.
  • Enter the bundle products details to create any new bundled product or for updating the existing bundle products. Enter the relevant details of the bundle products, components and respective quantities and follow the instructions mentioned in the comment box and then save your file as .xls or .xlsx.
  • Now, upload the saved file by either dragging and dropping the file or by using the browse option and then click on Import to upload the file.
  • After following the above steps, all bundle products or the updates, if any, which you have made for the existing bundles will get populated on the Inventory page and you'll receive a notification with a log file within your Orderhive account. 
  • The time taken to import the bundle products will depend on the number of products in the sheet. 
  • You can download the log file to check for any success/error messages.
  • Log File will help you identify if there’s any error in the import by providing the corresponding reason.
  • If there are no errors present in the Log File, it means that the file has successfully imported.
  • If there are any errors present in the log file, it will display the reason for the same.

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