Create Payments

Along with creating invoicing, payments can also be logged for orders. This is also useful in case you use any accounting integrations as this information is synced across the integrated accounting platform.

Now, there are two ways to create payments:

Without creating an invoice:

  • Payment can be created directly from the orders listing page or from orders listing page that have been received. 
  • From the order listing page, select the order for which payment needs to be created and click on Log Payment.
  • From orders detail page, click on the + icon in the Transactions section and then click on Log Payment.
  • While creating the payment, date, mode of payment, amount and remarks if any, can be added.
  • While logging payment, Orderhive allows to select the date range from which the order is created to the current date of creating a payment.
  • Any mode of payment can be selected from the available list and click on Done. You can add your own Custom Payment Method from Settings > Transactions > Payment Methods 
  • The amount field will display the order amount for which the payment has to be logged.
  • And if there are any remarks associated with that particular payment, they can be recorded in the Remarks section.
  • Once all these details have been entered, click on Done.
  • Payment log can also be seen in the transactions from the orders detail page.
  • A payment log will be created with all the above-mentioned details. After that you can download/print receipt, edit or delete the payment as well. 
  • In case if customer has only made partial payment against the invoice, you can enter the amount accordingly. This will display the rest of the amount under Balance Due.
  • For example, if the invoice is of $70, payment of $50 is created. Orderhive will display Balance Due as $20 which you can accept in future from your customer. 

Create Payments in Bulk:

  • For creating Payments in bulk, select the orders for which the payment needs to be created and then click on Log Payment.
  • It will prompt for confirmation before creating the payments in bulk.
  • Click on Yes, Create.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message on the order page itself stating Payment has been created for the selected orders.


With creating an invoice:

Another way of creating payments is, creating them along with creating invoices for orders. Please refer to this article for understanding the same.


Supported Payment Integrations:

Currently, Orderhive supports Stripe, & Paypal Pro, as leading online payment processors. 

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