Create Purchase Order from Products

Cin7 Orderhive allows you to create Purchase Order directly from the Products page. You can select and shortlist the products that are low in stock or out of stock and raise a Purchase Order for them.

  • Go to the Products tab.
  • Select the products you want to create a PO for.
  • Go to More > Create PO.

  • Select New Purchase Order. Click Next.

  • Create New PO page will be loaded where relevant Supplier - to whom the PO is to be raised, Warehouse - in which it has to be received, relevant Currency - as supported by the Supplier and appropriate Payment Term needs to be selected from available dropdowns.

  • Enter the required quantity you want to raise a PO for. Also, it shows the current available inventory level of the products. You can also add new products here in the PO if you want: By searching through SKU or Product Name or by scanning the barcode of the Product.

  • Click on Raise or Draft accordingly. 

  • To Raise a Saved PO, go to the Purchases tab. Under the Draft tab, select the PO/POs you want to Raise.
  • Click on the Raise button.



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