Custom Status Management in SO and PO

Custom status in Sales order: 

Whenever you have different stages of Sales order processing, whether it be in Manufacturing or Dropshipping, Orderhive gives you the flexibility of adding custom statuses in the orders which allows the exact tracking of the Order Status. 

There are few default statuses available in the Sales orders: Not Confirmed, Confirmed, Shipped, Partially Shipped, Delivered, Cancelled and Returned. 

If there are any extra statuses you want to add in-between any of these default statuses, you need to follow below process:

  • On Orders page, click on Custom Status at the bottom and then click on the + sign against the status after which you want to create the new custom status. 
  • Add the Status name and an optional description and click on Create. This will create a custom status. 
  • If you want to Edit or Delete any existing custom status, click on Custom status at the bottom. You will be able to see all the created and default statuses. Here, you will see the option to Edit or Delete any custom status. In Edit, you can change the name and the description of the status. 
  • Status of any order can be changed by selecting any order and clicking on Change Status at the bottom. Same can be done for multiple orders. 


Things to remember while changing order status to custom status:

  1. Even though there could be as many custom statuses that can be created, the quantities deduction and addition in Available and Outgoing fields work exactly only between the default statuses. In other words, the custom statuses do not impact the quantity changes, only the default statuses can impact the quantity changes.
  2. All the custom statuses can be considered as intermediate stages between the default stages. So, any order can be moved to a custom status that falls between the default stages that the order currently lies in.
    For example, let's say there is a custom status "In Processing" between Confirmed and Shipped stages, and a custom status "Picked by Courier" after the Shipped stage. Now if you want to move an order, that is in Confirmed stage to a custom status then it can be moved to "In Processing" stage only and not to "Picked by Courier", since that is the only custom status that falls between Confirmed and Shipped. 
  3. If there are multiple custom statuses between default stages, then the order can be moved in between all the custom statuses that exist between the default stages and also to the last default stage. 
  4. There can be custom statuses even after Cancelled or Returned stages and order status can be moved into these stages also.

Custom Status in Purchase order: 

Similar to Sales Orders, Purchases Orders too have some default statuses: Draft, Raised, Partially Received, Received, Cancelled. The custom status functionality works exactly like how it works in the Sales orders. 

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