Customer Portal

Customer Portal is useful for those users who are managing their clients' shipping and orders hence it is useful for B2B customers. Suppose you have an Orderhive account and you have a client whose shipping is being managed by you, the access can be provided to them as the Portal User. Hence your account needs to be the main account to create a portal user.

Step 1:

In the Orderhive account, go to Settings -> Customer Portal

If you want, you can create a new portal domain that represents your organization name.

The default portal is, you can change it to

If you do not enter the domain name, automatically the portal name will be taken into use.

Step 2:

When you add a new user to the portal, you will need to select the stores and warehouses a customer can access.

Select all the stores and warehouses which you want to show the customer.

Step 3:

When you add the customer, an invite link will be sent automatically to the email address.

Customer Portal has view access of Orderhive Orders, Products module so they can see the Order status which is updated by the main user of Orderhive.

Once the Customer accepts the invitation, they will be prompted to use a password that will only be visible to the Customer. The main account holder will not be able to access it without the password.

The Orders which are placed for the customers' store will be visible to the customer automatically from the permissions of stores and warehouses that are being set by the main user.

Customers in the portal will be able to tag and comment on orders. Customers in the portal can import products but can't adjust the inventory from the Products module directly. The main user of Orderhive cannot edit or clone the Stock transfer created by a customer portal user.

Name of the portal user is displayed instead of From warehouse in OH listing, give portal user filter on listing

The stock transfer would be View access. Customers can only create a transfer to the main Orderhive user warehouse, Hence if they need to add the stock of a particular product, they will only be able to create a stock transfer. No manual adjustments can be done directly from the products module. When a stock transfer is created it will be added in the To Ship status.

Customer Portal View of Stock Transfer

Once the customer has created the stock transfer, it is required to ship them and deliver the stock transfer for the inventories to be received in the Main user's account. The Main User also has the access to receive the stock transfer on their end.

Main user view of Stock Transfer

Both the users will be able to Receive, Cancel and Print the Stock Transfer which is created.


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