Does Cin7 Orderhive support barcode scanning?

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data that usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.

Barcodes are quite essential to optimize inventory management and reduce manual errors. You have to add barcode details on each product, in order to perform barcode-related operations. Once you add barcodes to your products, Cin7 Orderhive will automatically populate the product information when the barcode is scanned. While adding products to a sales order or purchase orders, scanning a barcode will save you ample time and effort. 

You can also use the Cin7 Orderhive WMS app ( Orderhivefulfillmentapp) for pick & pack sales orders by picklists, receiving the PO by scanning the barcode, and adjusting stock by scanning the barcode of the item. 

In Cin7 Orderhive, Barcode can be used for the following operations:

  • Adding Products to the Order (on Cin7 Orderhive website)
  • For pick-and-pack operations using the Cin7 Orderhive WMS app
  • Scanning and Verifying the items that have been picked (on the Cin7 Orderhive website)
  • Adding Items to the Purchase Orders (On the Cin7 Orderhive Website)
  • Scanning and Receiving the purchase order items (on Cin7 Orderhive website & Cin7 Orderhive WMS app)

Cin7 Orderhive is compatible with any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner that supports EAN, UPC, QR, or Code-128 barcodes


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