Domain Setup

This article helps you in setting up your particular domain in the email address from which emails are sent through Orderhive.

By default, the emails that are being sent to the customer from Orderhive goes from In case you wish to change this email id and set it to the specific email id which is coherent to your business, it can be achieved very seamlessly.

  • Go to Settings > Emails and the following screen will appear.
  • Click on the + symbol to add the email and then press Add.
  • Once the email has been added, verification of the domain needs to be done which is a prerequisite.
  • There are 3 steps for verification:- Verified Domain, DKIM Settings and SPF Settings.

For the verification of the domain, following are the steps that needs to be performed.

  • Click on View Detail and then press Contact Support. The Support team will get a notification about it instantly.
  • The support team will follow the required process and will send a verification email to your email id. Once the email has been sent, the support team will request you to send the verification email again for further process.
  • After the successful completion of the verification step, a green tick will appear as shown in  the below image:
  • For the other two steps which are DKIM and SPF Settings, the verification needs to be done from your end. For more details you can click on the View DKIM and View SPF Settings.
  • After verifying both the steps the green ticks will appear below them.
  • You can add more email ids by clicking on + and click on Delete for deleting them.
  • Default email id’s can also be set by selecting the star.

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