Do's and Dont's while integrating Etsy

While you integrate your Etsy store, you need to keep in mind the following key points which would facilitate seamless and hassle free integration with Cin7 Orderhive. A minute miss out on the following criteria does become a reason for products not getting synced in Cin7 Orderhive.

The new Etsy version has introduced many such checks that need to be taken into consideration while adding the products into the store.

While you add your products into Etsy, especially when you add variants to it, some of the checks you need to make  in your Etsy store are:

  1. Go to Shop Manager → Listings. Select a listing. Browse down to the Variation section. Here the variation should be enabled for visibility.
  2. For each variation, these three fields should be checked else products will not come into Cin7 Orderhive. Also, for every attribute that you add, you need to make sure that all the options shown below are checked. For e.g  let’s say you have another attribute additional to Primary Color and Dimensions called Height. So even for the Height attribute you will need to check all the options.

Ensuring such things to be on-spot, we do expect an error-free product sync from Etsy to Cin7 Orderhive.


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