Download and Print orders in bulk

Many times it happens that there is a need to download or print orders in bulk.

Irrespective of the orders being in To Confirm, To Ship, Shipped or Delivered, the order can be mass selected and different actions can be performed on them.

Download Orders :

  • Go to Orders.
  • Upon selecting more than one order, an option of  “All” button appears which selects all the orders.
  • Click on More which will have a list of bulk actions and select Download Order
  • After clicking on Download, a single PDF file will be downloaded with the details of all the selected orders.
  • Once the orders are downloaded, you can open the PDF file which will look like -

Print Orders:

  • For printing the orders in bulk select the required orders and then click on More > Print Order, which will print the orders like below:
  • Once you click on Print, the file will be displayed as below-
  • Orders can also be downloaded or printed in List view.

Note: The order PDF will be downloaded if the popup for your browser is not blocked. Please make sure, the popup is unblocked.

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